20 Reasons You Are Straight Up Lao!

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So You Need A Reminder Of Why You Are Lao?

Here’s 20 Reasons:

1. You don’t get full off of a meal without rice.

Got Rice? Reasons Why You Are Straight Up Laos! | www.FOBamerican.com

2. You can’t go to a restaurant and eat meat without rice.

Friend: “Hey you want Buffalo Wild Wings?”  You: “Yeah, I’m going to eat some to satisfy my social being, but I’m going to finish the rest at home. With a big bowl of rice.”

And you don’t understand how people order Steaks without rice! That’s just nonsense.

3. When you’re sick, your mom makes you rice soup.

According to mom, it has all the healing power you need.

Even if you’re not sick, mom makes it to eat with eggs and pork balls in it. Yum.

4. Tiger Balm. Good ol’ Tiger Balm. 

That Yah Moung Though!

Tiger Balm Reasons You Are Straight Up Laos | www.FOBamerican.com

For every reason under the sun, use Tiger Balm. It’s like potpourri in most Laotian houses.

(If you don’t know what potpourri is, then your house is one of those that smells like Yah Moung!)

5. You know exactly where Asians are from just from the look in their eyes.

Or should I say, “shape of their eyes.” Ha.

6. You’re always getting mistaken for being Cambodian or Phillipino.

7. People get confused when you say you’re Laotian. “What is that, ‘Lah-Ocean’?” 

Then you say it’s a country between Thailand and Vietnam, and they are amazed that they didn’t know that country existed. Mindblown.

Map Of Laos | Reasons You Are Straight Up Laos! | www.FOBamerican.com

8. You bend down slightly in front of strangers as you’re walking past them out of habit.

9. You say “Sour Water Face” to your American friends.

Like they know what it means…. “Som Nam Nah Kah Chow!”  

(Even you were confused for a minute… You were thinking, what is Sour Water Face? … “Som Nam Nah” to you too! Haha!)

10. You like family events only because Grandma hands out money.

11. You hate going to Lao parties, because you have to put money in an envelope.

It cost more to go to Lao parties than to clubs!

12. Hennessy is basically passed around like water at parties.

Hen and Heineken … That’s a Lao Party.

13. You talk to Thai people in Lao and wonder why they don’t understand you.

It’s basically the same language, right?! (Not really. Lol.) 

14. You make your Pho taste better than your Viet friends.

Viets created it, we perfected it. 😉 

Sorry Viet friends, you can take a sip of ours though.
Pho Real | Reasons You Are Straight Up Laos! | www.FOBamerican.com

Sour, Sweet, Spicy. Perfect!

15. You watch your American friends eat Pho, and you’re thinking, “Nah. That ain’t how you supposed to eat it.”

But you let them eat it anyway. Haha!

16. You always crave Papaya Salad with your chicken and rice.

17. You always run out of food in your house, but you always have “Me Mama!”

It’ll last you 3 or 4 days. No need to buy groceries!

18. You criticize Laos/Thai Restaurants because you think you can make it so much better at home.

Why you always criticizing, but you always going out to eat though… 😛

19. Your American friends always talk to you about how they love Sriracha, 

But you tell them this this kind is wayyyy better…

Sriracha Sauce | Reasons You Are Straight Up Laos | www.FOBamerican.com

We basically grew up eating this kind Sriracha. We can’t even enjoy the rooster kind because it’s so Americanized.

20. Last but not least, you treat everyone like family, because Lao people are all about respect and loyalty.

When you become friends with a Laotian person, you are automatically treated like family.

If you are Lao, share this with your friends and family and let me know if this sounds like you or if it’s nothing like you. Even if you’re not Lao, let me know if you can relate to any of these.

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