There’s So Much More To Me…

Regardless of whether or not someone will read this, I’m writing on this blog as a journal for myself. Before, I was very cautious of what I wrote and how I wrote things.

I was so fearful of judgement, it prevented me from being, me.

There are so many posts that I did not post, because I knew it would offend someone or it was way too much of my baggage to be sharing with other people.

Then I realized, who reads this anyway? Ha. If you are reading this, I am sooo glad you are and I really do appreciate it.

The only this is, when I first started this blog it was for all the wrong reasons. You will no longer see all those advertisements all over my site. The only time you will is if I’m reviewing a product, truly love the product, or sharing with you all on how to buy products from recipes that are hard to find.

I have always loved writing before I started with this blog. There were hundreds of ideas that would cross my mind, and when I started thinking of them as only a monetary means they were no longer of any true value to me. Writing and sharing all the things I love and care deeply about is much more valuable than any monetary sum could suffice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been planning to write a book for years and it will be here. What I’m saying is, you won’t have to worry about me trying to pinch pennies from you through outside sources. If I’m offering any products or specials they’ll be important to me (like this one above from Audible, because I love books) or coming specifically from me.

I’m starting over and this is going to be My Safe Haven. My Wall of Creativity. My Heart in Writing. The Best Of Me.

Transparency is important when you begin connecting and growing with others. So hopefully some of  you will be able to connect with me on a deeper level. Kind of see me in a different light.

I’ve always been a silly and outgoing person. There’s so much more to me than that… & I hope you all will stick around and see me, for me.

Thank you for supporting me thus far in this blogging passion of mine. I’m so glad to have you by my side.